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Why German Schule India?

German Schule India has a policy “100% Results or 100% Refund”, if you attend all the classes in a course, decided by your trainer and you fail in any of the modules (Speaking, Writing, Listening and Reading) of our A1, A2 and B1 courses, you will be provided the full tuition fees including the taxes.

German Schule India is a language school founded and run by working professionals in the field of translation and interpretation. Our staff is certified by Goethe Institute, Germany. Our Course Structure and Syllabus is designed according to The Common European Framework.
Our dedicated teachers focuses not only on reading and writing skills , but also on speaking and listening skills. We have a vision imparting quality German language education to students. 

Our only Aim is Quality Education. Say “Yes” to German Schule India today. 

German language education to to all students and working professionals.

What is German A1 language level?

In German A1 level, the students can make simple sentences, questions and can reply.  It is the gateway  for students who want to pursue their graduation in Germany. This Programme at German Schule India ensures that in a few weeks students are able to shop or travel, buy something in market or restaurant, fix an appointment with doctor etc.

What is German A2 language level?

In German A2 level the Students can make complex sentences, questions and can reply. This Programme at German Schule India ensures that in few weeks students are able to do almost all type of conversations, required in daily life . This language level is the gateway for the students who want to do their Bachelors in Germany for free. 

What is German B1 language level?

German B1 language level is an intermediate language level. After completing B1 language level students can apply for Jobs in German MNCs. Students after completing B1 are also eligible for domestic and international scholarships. This Course includes topics like Active-Passive, Relative sentences, etc. If you want to study your masters in Germany for free, this language level at German Schule India is the gateway. 

What is German B2 language level?

German B2 language level at German Schule India is an advanced language level. After completing B2 language level students can apply for Jobs in German MNCs and apply for all types of Scholarships. This program would ensure that students can understand a wide range of grammar and vocabulary. Students can describe their experiences and events, dreams, hopes and ambitions, briefly give reasons and explanations, can understand complex text, one can interact with a degree of fluency and spontaneity that makes frequent interaction with the native speaker.

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