“After learning German, I have gained exposure to new things.”


“My parents always wanted me to learn German because it’s one of the best languages in the world that can give you a high exposure in terms of career and future plans. They encouraged me to join a German language course, and although it felt like a task at first, I gradually started enjoying it. Learning German allowed me to discover more about German culture and work exposure in Germany.

One day, I got an opportunity to work for a German stall at the Bauma Expo in Noida as an interpreter and translator. This experience helped me improve my language skills further. I believe that more people in our country should learn a foreign language as it can enhance their skills and personality. If you learn a language from a country that is advanced in technology and manufacturing, such as Germany, it can give you exposure at another level.

Learning German was a great step in my life, and now I’m a proficient teacher, interpreter, and translator of the language. It will surely benefit me in achieving my future goals.”

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any further questions or requests.”

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